PAM 800 - Modulated Agricultural Shovel

The BALDAN PAM Modulated Agricultural Shovel arose from the need of farmers to have a multiple-use product. It has as main features versatility and easy coupling and uncoupling to the tractor, which may consist of independent oil system or in conjunction with the tractor; its application ranges from simple road maintenance to the supply of seed drills for planting, because it has several options that are easily replaced according to the needs of each Baldan customer. With unique tractor coupling system, PAM ensures high-quality service.

Model Shovel Tractors
Width (mm) Capacity
Lift Height
PAM 800 1700
3100 Valtra: 985-4s/ BM 110-4/ BM 125
Massey Ferguson: 4292.4/ 4297.4 à 4299.4
New Holland: 7630.4 (Motor Genesis)



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