PDJD - Agricultural Front Planers for SLC John Deere tractors

The BALDAN Agricultural Front Planers PDJD John Deere model have a bit of the settling of Brazilian states, where they had important application in the opening of roads and subsequent maintenance. Today, its application was expanded to various sectors of agriculture and livestock, with unique tractor coupling system, PDJD ensures high-quality service. It has several options for adjustments of the front blade and various accessories to be attached according to the needs of each Baldan customer scattered in all corners of Brazil and over 85 countries.

Model Width of blades (mm) Tractors
PDJD 2400 PDJD 5403.4/ 5603.4 BT
PDJD 2400 PDJD 5600.4/ 5700.4 BT
PDJD 2400 PDJD 5605.4/ 5705.4 BT
PDJD 2400 PDJD 6415.4 BT
PDJD 2400 PDJD 6615.4/ 7515.4 BT



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