What are the types of plows and their applications?

Brazilian agriculture has been an international highlight for a long time due to several factors: the abundance of land, diversity of climates, and technological capacity. All of this together reduces trade borders and Brazil is a supplier to many countries.

To improve the quality of the plantation and optimize the time, agricultural plows are the ideal agricultural implement. It's about the types of plows and their applications that you'll learn more about with the company that has been specialized for over 90 years: Baldan Agricultural Implements.

If you need to streamline and facilitate work in the field, count on Baldan and its types of agricultural plows.

What are agricultural plows used for?

Soil preparation for the start of a new planting cycle is one of the most important parts of the most auspicious harvest results possible. For this reason, the preparatory work must be carried out with great care with agricultural plows.

It is the agricultural plows that have this pre-planting function. In addition, the agricultural plows, which have the best prices at Baldan Agricultural Implements:

  • Revolve the earth to oxygenate it;
  • Bury remnants of previous planting and weeds;
  • Improve water infiltration;
  • Allow the homogenization of the fertilizer in the soil;
  • Assists in the distribution of fertilizers and soil correctives.

What are the types of agricultural plows?

To perform such important functions, agricultural plows need to be specific for each type of use. And to ensure that your choice of agricultural plows is the ideal one, you can rely on Baldan's team of specialists, who have been at the side of farmers for over 90 years, offering them innovative and technological solutions to improve the performance of the plantation.

Throughout more than 90 years, Baldan Agricultural Implements has created several types of agricultural plows. In each of them, you will find a series of benefits. Discover below the types of Baldan agricultural plows:

Disc plows

It is formed by a variable set of cut or flat discs whose function is to facilitate the movement of turning over the earth.

Moldboard plows

It is the oldest and most effective model of agricultural plows, as its “V” shape results in an even more perfect turning movement of the earth.

Moldboard plows by Baldan Agricultural Implements can be fixed, helical, or without helicals, among others.

Want to know more details about all the unique benefits that only Baldan Agricultural Implements agricultural plows have to offer for your planting and soil fertilization? Contact us by clicking here.

Classification of agricultural plows

So that agricultural plows can be placed on your plantation and used with maximum efficiency, besides knowing the types of agricultural plows, it is also important to know how agricultural plows are classified.

Baldan, as a reference in the manufacture of agricultural plows, follows some parameters of classification of agricultural plows:

  • Regarding the type of active organ;
  • Regarding the movement of the active organ;
  • Regarding the number of active organs;
  • Regarding traction;
  • Regarding coupling.

With the specialized team of Baldan Agricultural Implements, you have more information about the classification of agricultural plows, to make the best decision when purchasing.


What are Baldan's Agricultural Plows?

Baldan Agricultural Implements has been working with farmers for more than 90 years and has added a lot of experience and technology to understand the best ways to offer solutions in agricultural plows that best fit the needs of its customers and the market.

With all this, Baldan provides:

  • Fixed plow
  • Hydraulic reversible plow
  • Subsoiler Plow Automatic Disarm
  • Subsoiler Plow Automatic Disarm - Flat Spring
  • Subsoiler Plow Automatic Disarm
  • Hydraulic Tubular Subsoil Plow
  • Automatic Disarm Scarifier Plow

You can see photos of Baldan Agricultural Implements' agricultural plows with technical information by clicking here.

Where to buy agricultural plows?

To buy agricultural plows without any worries, with the best technology and exclusive prices, the right name is Baldan Agricultural Implements.

Only at Baldan will you find more than 90 years of experience in agriculture and a close eye on the needs of the market and each of its customers in agricultural plows.

Talk to us or get in touch with our Commercial department for more information about the types of agricultural plows by Baldan Agricultural Implements.