About Us Vocation, legacy, and values
Our <br /><strong>Vocation </strong>


Develop innovative solutions for agriculture that ensure the maintenance of life. 

Baldan has in its history, since 1928, many years of partnership with agro, because it believes in the power of mutual help and in strengthening a group that aspires to the same future and results. It is from this companionship that strong ties are created, rooted in the soil of those who live in the countryside daily, established by this common passion: the art of cultivating the land. Agriculture is far beyond machines, it is about uncomplicating processes, and developing innovative solutions that are, above all, responsible for protecting the entire ecosystem involved, that is, environmentally correct and socially more just. 

Our <br /><strong>Legacy </strong>


Contribute so that current and future generations of farmers continue to feed the world and preserve the riches of the planet. 

Agriculture is in the constant transformation of economic, cultural, social, technological, environmental, and market order that impact the world. Therefore, intelligence and strategy are needed to reach a future in which we can live in a more prosperous and healthy way, given the increase in food, fiber, and energy consumption that accompany human longevity. We have a genuine care that begins with the earth and extends to everyone who deals with it, with the certainty that this care will be perpetuated, preserving lives and our natural riches, through productions that are increasingly high quality, optimized costs, and mitigated risks. The future of agriculture is, more than any other industry, connected with the now and our resources, which will always be finite. 

We fulfill, then, the role of disseminating this awareness to the whole of society, because we do believe in this fertile and promising future in any context and at any time. 


Commitment and transparency in human and socio-environmental relations.
Encourage new ideas to evolve with excellence.
Love for what we do.
Awareness and absorption of the real needs of customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. Consciência e absorção das necessidades reais dos clientes, colaboradores, parceiros e acionistas.
Adaptation and flexibility in the face of challenging situations.
Focus and efficiency in everything we set out to do.
Our <br /><strong>Values</strong>

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