Which agricultural planers are suitable for low-powered tractors?

For agricultural production to be as profitable and efficient as possible, a series of measures must be used to make the best use of the soil. Whether to improve nutrition or irrigation, everything must be thought of so that the plant grows healthy.

One of the most used agricultural implements in this sense is the agricultural planers. They are the agricultural planers that promote the leveling of the soil, leaving the space with equal and ideal conditions in all its extension.

If you are interested in agricultural planers, but you have low-powered tractors and do not know if it is possible to use them, continue with this content prepared by Baldan Agricultural Implements. In it, you will get to know the agricultural planers indicated for low-powered tractors.

Where are low-powered tractors used?

Low-powered tractors, which are also useful in using Baldan's agricultural planers, are those used on small properties, such as family farming, for example.

These low-powered tractors, between 60hp and 140hp, are manufactured for smaller spaces and designed to be more economical, easy to operate, and ideal for Baldan Agricultural Planers.

Agricultural planers: leveling the soil

This is the main function of Baldan's agricultural planers: to level the soil, removing all possible “hills” from it, natural or as a result of previous movements. As a result, agricultural planers contribute to:

  • With the performance of other agricultural implements, such as tractors, planters, sprayers, and others;
  • In the reduction of maintenance costs;
  • On the move in any kind of needs.

To carry out all the above functions that contribute to the plantation, the agricultural planers of Baldan Agricultural Implements are designed and manufactured by specialized professionals with high technology, which has made Baldan a reference in agricultural planers, including low-powered tractors, for over 90 years.


Understanding the needs of Brazilian farmers is one of the differentials of Baldan Agricultural Implements in the manufacture of agricultural planers in various models, including those for low-powered tractors.

See below all possibilities in agricultural planers from Baldan:

  • Reversible Rear Agricultural Planer
  • Agricultural Leveler Planer
  • Ford-New Holland Tractors Front Planer
  • Agricultural Front Planer for John Deere tractors
  • Agricultural Front Planer for M. Ferguson Tractors
  • Agricultural Front Planer for Valtra Valmet Tractors
  • Agricultural Front Planer for Tractors LS Tractor
  • Agricultural Front Planer for Tractors Case


When you get in touch with Baldan Agricultural Implements, you will receive all the necessary advice to acquire the agricultural planer that best fits your needs and for low-powered tractors.

Where to buy agricultural planers for low-powered tractors?

To buy agricultural planers for low-powered tractors without errors and with a lot of technology, Baldan is the right place!

Baldan Agricultural Implements has been a partner of farmers for more than 90 years, bringing the best solutions in agricultural implements, such as agricultural planes for low-powered tractors.

Talk to us and find out everything that Baldan can do for your agricultural production with its agricultural planers for low-powered tractors.