What are the types of agricultural planer?

Brazil has a great productive advantage over other countries when it comes to agricultural production. In addition to the abundance of land, the diverse climates favor diversified production throughout the year.

Allied to this variety, technology is also another point of emphasis in Brazilian agriculture and Baldan Agricultural Implements has been a reference in several machines, including the agricultural planer, for over 90 years.

Therefore, if you, a farmer, are in search of modernity and efficiency in an agricultural planer, you are in the right content. Here, you will get to know the types of Baldan's agricultural planer.

What's an agricultural planer for?

For the most efficient agricultural production per hectare, it is important to take a series of measures that favor the land and the plantation. Hence the role of an agricultural planner.

 The agricultural planer by Baldan Agricultural Implements is a piece of equipment used in soil preparation, leaving the space as flat as possible. With the use of Baldan's agricultural planer, the farmer gains more benefits in terms of quality and the result of the planting.

In summary, the agricultural planer by Baldan Agricultural Implements is used in the initial preparation of any type of soil for any plantations. The efficiency of Baldan's agricultural planer is at a high level in all situations, because the agricultural planer by Baldan Agricultural Implements is designed and manufactured with high technology by a group of trained professionals who have understood the agricultural sector for over 90 years.

What are the advantages of an agricultural planer?

By purchasing Baldan's agricultural planer, you already benefit from technology and the certainty that you have high-performance equipment for the initial preparation of soil planting.

But there are other advantages of the Baldan Agricultural Implements agricultural planer that will give you the certainty that you will make the right choice:


  • Efficient execution of the process of leveling the soil;
  • Contributes to the performance of other agricultural implements, such as tractors, planters, sprayers, and others;
  • Lowest cost of maintenance in the market;
  • Variety of models;
  • Easy handling for any type of need.

To find out more about Baldan's agricultural planer, contact us.

What are the types of agricultural planer?

With more than 90 years, Baldan Agricultural Implements knows very well the needs of farmers. That's why you can say that it specializes in offering the right agricultural planer for each use.

After all, carrying out the initial preparation of the soil for a cycle of excellent production and yield is the goal of any farmer looking for the implement necessary to level the land in the agricultural planer.

To collaborate fruitfully with each farmer who seeks Baldan, the company designs and manufactures different types of agricultural planer. Next, you can find out more about the types of agricultural planer from Baldan Agricultural Implements:

  • Reversible Rear Agricultural Planer
  • Agricultural Leveler Planer
  • Ford-New Holland Tractors Front Planer
  • Agricultural Front Planer for John Deere tractors
  • Agricultural Front Planer for M. Ferguson Tractors
  • Agricultural Front Planer for Valtra Valmet Tractors
  • Agricultural Front Planer for Tractors LS Tractor
  • Agricultural Front Planer for Tractors Case

For every need and tractor, Baldan designs and manufactures the ideal agricultural planer. In this way, you, the farmer, receive an exact implement for your use, without waste and with a cost-benefit that only Baldan Agricultural Implements can offer.

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Where to buy agricultural planer?

The agricultural planer that you need to improve the yield of your plantation, from the initial stage of soil preparation, you will find at Baldan Agricultural Implements.

Only Baldan, with its over 90 years of existence, can offer you the ideal type of agricultural planer. For this, contact our teams and understand how Baldan Agricultural Implements can help you choose the best type of agricultural planer.