BALDAN: A History of work, hope and achievements

On January 4, 1928, an Italian immigrant family founded the company ' Narciso Baldan & Irmãos’, in the city of Matão, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This was the beginning of the activities of what came to be the future Baldan Implementos Agrícolas S/A.

In 1952, the Baldan family manufactured the first disc for plows and harrows made in Brazil. The pioneering initiative broke the dependence on imported products and contributed to the development of agriculture in the country.

Baldan discs became to be rated among the best products offered in the market. Innovation encouraged the practice of new methods and production techniques.

Installed in a modern industrial park of 256,000 m², 65,000 m² of built area, combining experience and advanced technology, Baldan has developed products with advanced engineering concepts, which are intended for tillage and planting of various types of crops. It has a product line dedicated to sugarcane farming and also agricultural platform for corn harvesting.

The management model adopted by Baldan is supported by a Professional Management (Hired Executive Board), in line with the Board of Directors (Participation of Baldan Family shareholders).

Together with the professionalisation of its management, from April 2010, Baldan started to implement its own manufacturing system, called SBM.

SBM is a production system that focuses on meeting the expectations of customers through the application of the best and most successful manufacturing methods and technologies that emerged throughout the history of the world industry. Among them are: MRP, SCM, ISO, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.

With SBM, Baldan will keep producing and improving its processes and products, striving for excellence in meeting the needs of its customers and employees, contributing to the development of agriculture in Brazil and worldwide.

Currently, the company has a broad and diverse line with over 200 products in 2000 versions aimed at every type of crop and soil.

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