Baldan Time Tunnel

Over the years, Baldan grew gaining respect and notoriety. Today, the company is reference on the market of farm implements.

1928 - First "Irmãos Baldan" factory.

1930 - Second "Irmãos Baldan" factory.

1934 - Family Members and Employees of the Second "Irmãos Baldan" factory
First row: (1) O progenitor, Pietro Baldan, (2) Fortunato, (3) Carillo, (4) Adolfo, (5) Serafim Baldan, (6) Segundo Massocato.
Second row: (7) Narciso e (8) Pedro Baldan. No solo (9) o menino Oscar Baldan.


1934 - Sawmill of the second "Irmãos Baldan" factory.
Standing: (1) Narciso Baldan.
Seated: (2) Brother Carillo Baldan.

1937 - Baldan Family

1947 - Transportation of a huge log of timber.
From right to left: (1) The boy Vilmer Baldan, (2) his father Narciso, (3) worker Jose Trolezi.
At the rear of the truck: (4) Mr. Adolfo Baldan.

1947 - Sawmill of the "Irmãos Baldan" factory.
From right to left: (1) Walter, (2) Oscar Baldan and (3) Pierim Baldan.

1949 - "Irmãos Baldan" factory
Standing at the Door: Oscar Baldan.
Under the tree: His father, Carillo Baldan.

1962 - Baldan Factory.

1972 - Baldan Factory.

1976 - Opening of the New Baldan Factory.

1993 - Inauguration of the Obelisk. Tribute of Baldan to metallurgists from the city of Matão and the peasants.


2009 - Current Baldan Factory.

Baldan Family Coat of Arms.


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