CAMB New Series - Baldan Multiple Subsoiler, Fertilizer and Cultivator

The BALDAN CAMB Multiple Grower - Fertilizer -New Series is used for sugarcane cultivation and fertilization. CAMB - New Series has nozzle with "wings" and "Y" spout, leveler and / or a lump breaking roller.

Technical Specifications

Model Line No. Spacing Between Lines (mm) Average yield (ha / day) Total length (mm) Total Width (mm)
CAMB New Series 2 1300/1400/1500 8,84/8,52/10,20 2750 2300


Tank capacity (L) Fertilizer Flow Rate (Kg / ha) Dist. Between Discs (mm) Approx. weight  (Kg) Tractor power(Hp)
800 250-1200 2750 1700 118-160


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