SCB-CR Sugarcane Subsoiler Baldan Remote Control

Subsoiler for Sugarcane and
Cereal Crops

The Baldan subsoiler was developed to work in both sugarcane and cereal crops. It has cutting discs positioned in front of each stem, allowing work in desiccated stumps, straw, or green mass. The SCB-cr is equipped with a crushing roller that performs an excellent finishing function and its remote control system allows for a double function: transport and depth control.

With a new design and higher capacity to break the deeper layers, SCB-CR is equipped with rods with automatic release, 26” cutting discs, which enable working on dense layers of straw, exchangeable nozzles, rushing roller for pre-leveling of the soil for future operations.

Technical Specifications

Model Nr of Stens Nr of Discs Coupling Head Chassis Width
SCB-CR 5 5 Curto | Short | Corto 2620
  5 5 Longo | Long | Largo 2620
  7 7 Longo | Long | Largo 3620
  7 7 Curto | Short | Corto 3620


Stens Spacing
Working Width
Estimated Weight
Tractor Required
440/460/500 2250/2500 3115 230-250
440/460/500 2250/2500 3188 230-250
460/500 3150/3500 3983 320-350
460/500 3150/3500 3910 320-350


Working Depth
Coutter Disc Tyres
550 26'' x 6mm 10.5/80-18 (10 lonas) Super Flotation


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